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is THE BEST Entrepreneurial School in Indonesia
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Michael Adiwijaya Surabaya Director Hallmar Business School
Dr. Michael Adiwijaya
Managing Director

For those who believe that becoming Entrepreneur can Change Your Future

It begins with the founders’ vision to raise up many new entrepreneurs for improving the quality of life for new generation, we feel responsible to facilitate our generation to understand more about the beauty & the potential of becoming successful entrepreneur in Indonesia since the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still less than 5% from the total population.

Hallmar was established in 2019 to provide applied study and business plan through creative & innovative learning experience. We have complete facilities and you'll be coached only by the best, we develop perfect learning method for you to become an entrepreneur or business professional therefore you'll have not only opportunity to have a real job after graduate, but also creating your own business.

The decision is on you, are you ready to be a successful entrepreneur?


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Hallmar Business School believes everyone has their own potential. Hallmar commits to improve each own of their potential to their best potential. Hallmar believe in everyone's great potential !


Hallmar Business School realizes that perfection needs to create something good. Hallmar commit to always improve and provide academic and management excellence. Perfection in excellence as Hallmar commitment that everyone in Hallmar receive the best product and services.


Hallmar Business School concern for student's success after they graduate from Hallmar. Hallmar commit to create impactable entrepreneur and professional to build the nation better

It is our belief that will lead us to success


"Be part of our Big Dream"


Be the first Business School to create new entrepreneur in Indonesia and Worldwide.


  • Rising future entrepreneur generation

  • Conducting International standard learning process

  • Partnering with Business’s stakeholder to develop entrepreneur competency and skill


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Ardine Gunawan, S.E
Humas - Marketing Manager

Retno D. Anggraeny, S.T
Operational Coordinator

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Michael Sean S., S.Ds
Digital Marketing

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